Pre-made meal delivery services, Yay or Nay?

This blog may be a little different to previous blogs, it’s going to feel borderline review-ish buuut, it is something I would like to share with you.


I am on my second order of pre-made meals from a company called Nourish’d, I mention ’second’ because I have tried pre-made meals in the past and haven’t completely enjoyed them, but Nourish’d has turned me into a sucker for a good pre-made meal.


I am all for affiliate marketing, it’s 2019… And a lot of the time I am humbled when a company reaches out to me but in the past when I have done a few posts here and there for companies I have tried their product, got as much use out of it as I could and then would hold up my end of the bargain and do a post or two, on the proviso I enjoyed the product but sometimes I wouldn’t post at all due to my dissatisfaction. You have to stay true to what you believe in.

After my first meal with Nourish’d, I posted. I was just completely taken by how delicious it was, how fresh it tasted and how good it was for me, that I had to share right away.

So what did I like so much about this company vs other companies I had used in the past?


·      THE TASTE - The big one for me, it arrived fresh, not frozen, so it doesn’t have that frozen meal taste and tastes like a home cooked meal, taste is a big thing for me if you haven’t already gathered and all of their meals are delicious.

·      THE VARIETY – Nourish’d has a bunch of different plans and ranges to suit their customer’s needs (weight loss, athletes, keto, convenience, etc), I chose the athletes range as I spend a lot of time in the gym and being active so I need the higher calories to keep my energy levels in balance and the higher protein to accommodate for my fitness goals. The athlete range meals are roughly between 2500 kilojoules (618 calories) and 3100 kilojoules (780 calories).
Nourish’d has 50 different meals to which they cycle in their menu weekly, how’s that for variety?

·      THE HEALTH BENEFITS – You know how I went on about taste in my first point? Well Nourish’d does this with all the health benefits and none of the added preservatives, sugars/sweeteners or fatty oils. All meals are gluten free and have the perfect nutritional value ratio. Who said convenience can’t be good for you?

·      THE DELIVERY – Delivery was super easy and cheap, only cost me $5. All delivery instructions are made super clear and visible on their website and I was notified by SMS when my order arrived. Alll meals arrive in a big branded box kept nice and cold.

·      THE CUSTOMER SERVICE – Nat in the marketing team who hooked me up with my first box of delicious food was a delight to chat with, I could tell she had so much excitement and passion for what her company provides, she sent me a link to the menu, I chose my food and before I knew it my food was in my fridge. Doing little research before it arrived as it was such a quick and easy process I had a bunch of questions that Sophia in the customer service team answered for me fast and efficiently.  The team checked in with me via SMS a few days after my order had arrived to see how I found my meals and if I have any questions, that’s great customer service.


Anything I didn’t like? Not really, hence the second order. Only thing I would say as a tip to anyone like me who isn’t already a big fan of broccoli, eat those meals first, the fresher the better, broccoli sucks… Sorry broccoli lovers!


So there you have it, I am officially a ‘yay’ for pre-made meals, so long to meal prep Sundays ;) 

8 Things I Learned Traveling Solo

8 Things I Learned Traveling Solo


Just recently I embarked on my first solo adventure, a two week escapade through Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, and let me tell you it was nothing less than magical.

If you haven’t already gathered I am a travel fanatic, I absolutely love it. However, up until now I have always relied on a travel buddy before planning my international ventures.

Like a kid on Christmas eve sleuthing for presents my impatience got the better of me and I forgot about the ‘’what if’s’’ based around trouble and replaced it with the ‘’what if’s’’ based around possibility and set out on my first solo trip abroad. From flights, to accommodation, to transfers, to itinerary, to international public transport and connecting with a body of amazing strangers who I now consider friends, I mapped this trip out from start to finish all on my own.

What I wasn’t expecting was all the things I learned from this experience. Here they are now, in no particular order:


1.    Back yourself
As I mentioned earlier, I used to always seek a second opinion from my travel buddy before making any decisions. My last trip, easily, was the smoothest trip to date.
I was a little nervous booking all international and domestic flights, accommodation and everything in between but this trip was complete smooth sailing. Do your research, investigate locations and book through reputable companies and you will be fine.

2.    Relax
When you tell your friends and family you are traveling abroad by yourself they instantly become a qualified journalist that specialise in international horror stories. While it’s always nice to have people care and worry for you, it’s not such a bad place out there. Again, research, know your location, be cautious and you will be ok.

3.    Strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet
cliché I know, but boy did I learn how true that phrase is. Australian’s, you are either going to agree with me or be upset with me, but in Australia I find it is really hard to make friends, so I was a little worried attempting this in a different country, but I didn’t want to waste my time in Asia sitting in hotel rooms and playing it safe, I wanted to get amongst it, but it can be a little intimidating on your own, so… I had to make friends. How did I do it? My first destination was Singapore, I did a little research what events were on and found there was an epic music festival called ZoukOut so naturally I bought a ticket. I jumped on their Facebook page the week of the event and posted I was traveling alone and attending. I ended up entering the festival with a group of about 20 other travellers from all over the world and can honestly say it was one of the best nights of my life! Definitely recommend doing something similar if you travel alone. I made a bunch of friends organically too. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or directions and don’t be afraid to offer help like taking someone’s photo or giving directions. These two minute encounters can turn into lifelong friendships.

4.    Gratitude
When you’re sitting in your private pool in your Villa looking over the water in Koh Samui you get a real profound feeling of gratitude. Grateful for this amazing planet we live on that is entirely ours to explore. Grateful to be healthy enough to get amongst our great wide world. Grateful for every opportunity you took that lead you to that very moment. The gratitude list could go on for hours, but boy did I experience some strong feelings of gratitude in that moment.

5.    Learn to enjoy your own company
When was the last time you went out for a meal on your own? Went shopping on your own? Went to a bar on your own? For some people, never. Isn’t that crazy? When you’re traveling solo you have no other choice. For anyone who knows me, knows I love time on my own but traveling through foreign land on your own you really learn to enjoy your own company and that is such a healthy thing.

6.    Yourself
On the topic of enjoying your own company, the big one… you learn things about yourself. Majority of the time I’m this anxious guy with a million things on his mind and even more things to do, I have little time for real connections and in fact avoid human interaction as much as I possibly can and up until recently I was convinced that, that was who I am. After a few weeks of living life on my own terms, no expectations, no restrictions, just complete freedom mixed with some much needed relaxation I think I caught a glimpse of the real me. I found myself doing things I would never normally do and thinking in a way I never had before. Did I come home a changed man? No. But since then I remind me self to slow down, be in the moment and to embrace real connections.

7.    Be Open
If you are incapable of being open to new experiences then this blog has probably been a waste of your time. Being open is a must when traveling, especially on your own. Remember that it may be your only chance to experience life in a country as unique as the one that you visit.

8.    Home
On the topic of unique countries, my last trip had me, for what possibly could be the first time ever, really miss my home country. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Australia. When you are traveling with a travel bud, you spend each day caught up in activities and conversation and the only time home is discussed or thought about is when you’re both complaining on how you don’t want to go back. Traveling alone has you grateful for what you will eventually return to.


If you haven’t already, I strongly recommend a solo adventure over the seas. I have 15 countries under my belt with intent to travel the world. If you are seeking advice I am happy to share, just reach out!

Living Without Limits

‘‘Living without limits’’

For anyone who follows any of my social platforms you would have, at some stage, seen three of my favourite words ‘’living without limits’’. So where does it come from? What does it mean? And why is it important to me?

Well, it’s in a Kanye song, the end.

Kidding, although it really is in a Kanye song.

The first thing that often comes to mind is travel, yeah? If you agree, then you a right… To an extent.
To me ‘’living without limits’’ does not just mean jetting all over the world, although I definitely plan on it. To me, it means taking control of your own destiny. Before I lose you on ultimate cheese factor, let me explain.

People all around me, including myself often put limits on just about everything.

Work – But I’m comfortable in this role. Ok great, so limit yourself to a 50k salary for the next 50 years, but please, go ahead and google the word ‘’inflation’’. Still comfortable?

Friends – It’s too hard to make friends as an adult. It can be, but are you willing to limit yourself to the opportunities that meeting new people will bring?

Relationships – It’s not always bad – Keep telling yourself that and limit yourself to love, happiness, honesty, commitment, kindness, empathy, respect and the list goes on.

Minority – I can’t i’m too young, I can’t i’m too old, I can’t i’m whatever – Fine, don’t, and limit yourself to the satisfaction of being a part of the small minority that said they can.

Stories – I’m not good enough – you are good enough, but that story you have made up in your head that you aren’t, that is limiting you from being good enough.

Ability - I’m not fit enough, i’m too weak, i’m too slow - Well if you’re ok with that, thats fine, but you are limiting yourself to one hell of a journey to get fit, to get strong and to get fast.

Life – I can’t afford it, I don’t have enough time – STOP limiting yourself to ANYTHING that will make you happy. We have one life… One. To limit yourself from anything that makes you happy is pure insanity.

Are you vibing with me?

This shit is important, this is your happiness, this is your life. Not all of these limitations may resonate with you. You may have completely different limitations, but if you’re reading this and you know you are guilty of limiting yourself, your life or your happiness. Cut it out, and if you say ‘’I can’t’’ then you have just wasted 2 minutes of your life reading this.

Comfort Zone Training

How many of you find yourselves in the same gym, doing the same routine and occasionally getting loose and bumping up the weight by 2.5kg to satisfy your complacency? So many of us fall victim to what I like to call comfort zone training.


I stepped out of my comfort zone recently and crossed over to what a lot of you would consider the dark side (a topic for another day perhaps) and did my first CrossFit session. I never thought I’d say it… I loved it.

A mapped out workout, friendly competition and some out of the ordinary exercises was just what the gains doctor ordered. I haven’t felt this type of gratification after a workout in a long time.

This is just one example of breaking out of your comfort zone training. If you are anything like me up until recently, you probably pay an extra $8 per week to hold a gym membership which gives you access to that club franchise in all locations, but… You find yourself just going to the same gym yeah?

Drive an extra 20 minutes and check out a new location, new equipment, new atmosphere, new gym pals and breakout of that comfort zone training. Starting to get the idea now?


No, what if I can only use the one gym? Yes, I hear you and I counteract your questions with a question of my own. Are you really using your gyms facilities and services to the best that it has to offer?

Don’t get me wrong, a lot of you are probably reading this thinking ‘’this guy must go to a pretty substandard gym’’… Not the case. I LOVE my gym and I can hand on my heart say I use its facilities and services to the best it has to offer. I have trained alongside one of the best Personal Trainers I have come across, nagged him for programs and advice, used just about every piece of equipment, taken my sessions into its outdoor area and captured some pretty special self-portraits in several different mirrors of the gym. I really get amongst it, but sometimes change is good.

So let’s make a pact, as of right now. Weekends are no longer for comfort zone training. We must explore our gym facility options, we will connect with new gym buddies, feel a whole new range of motion, put our bodies through a brand new pain and go back to our comfort zone gym on Monday and embrace it like we missed it. Who’s with me? I want to see your gym selfies in new gyms, let break out of this comfort zone baloney.


I would also like to take this opportunity to thank exodus fitness for letting me jump in on their WOD. If you have been considering trying out CrossFit, hit these guys up! IG - @exodusfitnessau, FB Exodus Fitness

gratiFITcation's Top 10 Travel Hacks

Ahh travel hacks... the internet is full of them. Some good, some not so good.

Well not to say mine are any better, but here they are anyway;

  1. When To Travel and Using Your Leave Effectively
    Well this is going to come down what kind of season you're chasing, Summer, Winter or somewhere in between... However, if you're anything like me you'll want a bit of everything.
    The average Australian full-time worker will receive 4 weeks annual leave (sorry to the rest of the world, you're going to have to do your own maths here).
    My suggestion is to break up your traveling with efficient planning i.e four 7 day trips, or two 14 day trips. Take me for example I am getting a taste of all four seasons this year, this year saw me spend 3 nights in Hong Kong in April for the spring, the perfect temperatures to go exploring through one of the most spirited cities with so much to do and see, accompanied by 4 nights on the stunning Nusa Lembongan, an island southeast from the bali mainland for another 4 nights soaking up the tropical island rays immersed in some serious summer vibes, then to finish it off 3 nights in a kaleidoscope of life which is the bali mainland where there is always fun to be had.
    In August it's time to submerge into the crisp serenity of winter and i'm getting 5 days of white powder heaven and hitting the New Zealand slopes, all for 2 days annual leave. How you ask? Never forget to utilise the gift from the government gods which are public holidays, be sure to get your leave in early, however.
    Then to finish up an exciting year of travel I will be spending another 3 nights in the beautiful southeast Asia, this time in the vibrant Singapore and then 5 nights in the lively Thailand.
    Lets do some more maths, that's a total of 23 days leave, 5 countries and a taste of all four seasons, all within the standard full-time workers granted 28 days leave.

  2. A Comfy Flight Is a Good Flight
    My ideal overseas flight is a late night flight in my softest and most locomotive attire and neck pillow in check. I see people getting on these same flights with jeans, a dress shirt and dress shoes. While I appreciate fashion to the best of the average male's ability, I don't know how these people do it!
    Although I may get picked on by my travel buddies, I can guarantee I have a much more enjoyable flight than most. 
    Trust me, for your next long overseas flight book a late night flight, get in your comfiest clothes and treat it like a massive slumber party 7 miles high in the sky.
    An obvious one but one worth a mention, if you can score yourself an exit seat get amongst that extra leg room!

  3. Create Optimal Storage In Your Travel Bag
    Probably the oldest travel trick in the book. Instead of folding your clothes roll your clothes, it will avoid creases and wrinkles too.

  4. No Universal Adapter, No Problem
    Although ensuring you pack your universal power adapter will ensure no problems what so ever, you can still get by with just your USB cable. Most modern hotels and hostels will have some sort of appliance whether a TV or digital radio with a USB outlet, so voila, your phone can now be charged. However, with the new invention of charger blocks and ever advancing technology I don't think we will have to worry about the universal adapter for much longer.

  5. No Passport, No Problem... Ok Maybe a Little Problem
    An unfortunate, yet common stress is a loss of a passport while traveling. To ease the process of applying for a replacement passport at your countries embassy ensure you email yourself a copy of your passport. Your passport is one of our highest valued points of identification. Do not just leave a photo of it on your phone in the case that your entire bag goes missing with your phone inside.

  6. Get Your Bag Faster
    Mark your luggage as fragile. Not only does this mean your bag is more likely to be handled correctly, but it’ll also find itself at the top of pile in the storage compartment of the plane. The result? Why, you’ll get your bag back first, of course. Winning!

  7. Upperclass WIFI
    Traveling overseas can sometimes turn into an epic adventure on a quest for the perfect wifi signal. My advice find the rich mans wifi. I'm talking business lounge, swanky restaurants and 5 start hotels, you don't have to pay to go into these places, just pull up a seat as close as possible.

  8. Portable Charger
    On the topic of phones, if you're anything like me when traveling overseas you are in full tourist mode and taking photos and videos of everything! This can chew some serious battery life, not to mention uploading your content too. Be sure to get yourself a portable charger to continue capturing as many memories as you can.

  9. Use Social Media
    We are in 2018, we no longer need articulated mapped out websites full of advertising and research marketers reviews to find where to stay and what to do. You can get authentic reviews from people just like you and I through Instagram hashtags and Facebook groups with photos included.

  10. Don't Get Lost!
    Did you know you can use Google Maps offline? Simply just type: “ok maps” in the search browser, with the area you're visiting already loaded. Doing this saves the region on your phone, allowing you to use it when you're data-less and out exploring.

What is Fit?

What is Fit?

Seems like an easy enough question… now try answering it. Not so easy right? Everyone has their own idea of ‘’fit’’. I asked the godfather of knowledge or godmother if you will, this very question. Yes, I am referring to google.

What does being fit mean?

Google: To be physically fit means to be in a state of health and well-being. Physical fitness is defined as the body's ability to function efficiently and effectively in work and leisure activities, to be healthy, to resist disease and to react to emergency situations.

And this is 100% accurate… to a minority.

Who has just watched the commonwealth games? This year our wonderful country took the initiative and created a movement to integrate the Able Body Games with the Para-Games. For those of you who watched, I have one name for you. Kurt Fearnley.

Would you consider Kurt Fearnley’s body able to function efficiently and effectively in work and leisure activities? Probably not.

Would you consider Kurt Fearnley fit? Yes.

The man just won silver in the 1500 meter event and gold in the Marathon. On a fit scale, I would consider myself a mere 3 to Kurt’s 10, and I like to consider myself a rather fit guy, #modest.

So, I’m going to have to disagree with you there Google. 

Google also mentioned well-being, what is well-being? Well that’s a whole other story but… I asked Google again. The key words google read back to me were comfortable and happy.

The only time I’m comfortable and happy at the same time is when I’m day 3 into my holiday, beachside, sun kissed and drink in hand, but that’s definitely not when I’m at my fittest. Picking up what I’m putting down? That I have beef with Google? No, I actually love Google! 

I asked myself the question, what is fit? I had a woman reach out to me about a career in Fitness, that she had been on her own weight loss journey, lost over 30kg, developed a huge passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle but was worried she wouldn’t make it in the industry because she wasn’t fit. Huh?

My biggest weight loss achievement was most likely a post-holiday cleanse with a total number of 3kg lost. So what makes me or any other IG warrior out there with their kit off fitter than this women? 

Well I know you’re waiting for it, so here it is. My definition of fit;

In a nutshell – ‘’To be fit is to step outside of your comfort zone and make positive change. To know the difference between good health and bad health, to know the difference between happy and unhappy and to know that you are the pilot.’’

The women I mentioned earlier decided she didn’t want to be in bad health, she made a decision to make a positive change and lost over 30kg and now wants to help others reach their own health and fitness goals.

I replied to that women that she was one of the fittest people I had ever come across and to never tell herself otherwise again. That women is a prime example of my definition of ‘’fit’’. 

5 Reasons Why You Should Adopt A Gym Buddy

5 Reasons why you should adopt a gym buddy


Forget the crash diets!

Forget the expensive supplements!

Forget the Personal Trainer!


There is one simple little element you can add to your training sessions to give you that extra motivation, push for that extra rep and bump up the weights on your bar. What is it you ask?... A gym buddy!


I have many years’ experience in the gym but every now and then I find myself in the infamous gym plateau. Often when this occurs one of my long lost gym buddies will receive a txt message teeing up a training session at our earliest convenience.


Personally, I normally prefer to train solo, just me, my music and my utopia which is my gym. However, there comes a time I need a little bit of friendly competition in the gym to push me a little harder, I have even hit PB’s training with a buddy to which he was completely oblivious to. I can always rely on training with a gym buddy to break out of my fitness funk and smash out an epic workout.


If you are feeling a little bored with your training and have found yourself in a fitness funk, here are some reason why you should seriously consider a gym buddy;


1.     The social aspect.

While you should always take your training and fitness goals seriously, there is no reason why you can’t have a little fun along the way. Having a gym buddy can actually make your workout feel like you’re having fun. If you have found yourself missing sessions a gym buddy can have a massive effect on keeping you committed to your goals. A study has shown individuals had a 43% dropout rate while those who trained together only had a 6.3% dropout rate, that’s huge!
If your gym buddy is as likeminded as you are when it comes to fitness I am sure you will both help each other achieve your fitness goals. Accountability is king. We are all humans and as humans we don’t want to let other humans down. Human.

2.     The classic spot.

How are you ever going to build enough confidence to put an extra 10kgs on the bar if you’re repping out in fear that you’re going to be crushed? This is where our trusty gym buddy comes in for a spot. Not only is your gym buddy great for a spot but when you increase weight it is very easy to lose good form. If your gym buddy has a good eye for technique they can be very advantageous to your workouts, and possibly prevent an injury.

3.     Friendly competition.

As I mentioned earlier, the ‘’friendly competition’’ factor has helped push me through plateaus in the past. Here comes that line again, we are all human and it’s only natural that we want to be better than the person we’re training with. When you decide you want to go for a PB, you can guarantee your gym buddy will be too. Just remember to keep it friendly and your testosterone levels controlled, no one likes a hero.

4.     Motivation

Even our world’s greatest athletes trained on some sort of extrinsic motivation in the form of someone who was once greater than they. Who hasn’t been scrolling through the gram to see some epic rig pop up on their screen and thought ‘’man, I am going to smash the gym tomorrow’’? well you’re welcome.. ha! But in all seriousness, there has been a bunch of times I have found motivation from others. Find it, use it and reap the rewards of a killer gym session.

5.     Gratification

After a few months kicking goals with your gym buddy you are both going to start noticing the results. While the gratification of your hard work paying off feels nice, it’s even nicer to share that feeling with your dedicated gym buddy. Treat yourselves to a cheat meal, I’ll allow it.


All the best activities involve a partner; why should a gym session be any exception.

Fat Shaming vs Fit Shaming

Fat Shaming vs Fit Shaming


If you have a TV, an internet connection or have ever read a gossip magazine, then you at one stage would have come across the words ''Fat Shaming''.


In case you haven’t let me enlighten you.


A doctor voices his argument about the health risks associated with obesity to an overweight public figure who heavily promotes being confident and curvy. Is he using his 10 years of med school for good to potentially save a life? No, he’s fat shaming.


Ok… an extreme example I know, but a real one at that!


I understand overweight people across the world at some stage have been bullied about their weight, and while I will never by any means encourage hate, disrespect or insults and will strive to be an ambassador for positive and healthy change, this is happening to fit and healthy people too!


There have been too many times I have felt reluctant to turn down a fast food lunch order with my work mates for my healthy prepped meals because  I will be scrutinised for it.

Too many times I have been a ‘’party pooper’’ because I didn’t want to go out and trash my body and instead feel fresh for the gym the next morning. Too many times I have been told my natural supplements are full of chemicals and are actually bad for me by someone who considers potato chips a part of their 5 and 2 serves of fruit and veg per day. And of course the insults… Anything from ‘’roid muncher’’ to ‘’pretty boy’’… A girl once said to me I have signs of a mental illness because I refused chocolate on so many occasions… and she was serious.

When did looking after yourself become so emasculating or psychotic?


What grinds my gears about this is that it is all completely okay… apparently.


Because of my healthy habits that some people seem to hate result in a somewhat aesthetically pleasing physique I am therefore immune to insults.

Let’s revers the roles here, imagine insulting an obese person about their weight which a lot of the time does in fact stem from mental health issues. There would be a complete uproar. There is a difference between being upset and being offended. I am upset there are people out there that would criticise anyone wanting to improve their health and wellbeing. People get offended when other people point out the things they hate about themselves.


The solution? There is none.


Love yourself, love your body and let people be whoever the fuck they want to be.

The Great Shake Debate

Can an extra 280 Calories, 52g of protein, 30g of carbohydrates and a bunch of vitamins essential for healthy regulation of the human body, all able to prepared and consumed within 2 minutes really be a bad thing?


Here’s my thoughts; YES... and NO… Let me explain.


The health and fitness market is flooded with products guaranteed to give us the results we all want and at the same time giving us the euphoric flavour of a spoon full of Nutella. If such product existed, it may just be the highest consumed product in the world.


What is the highest consumed product in the world? That would go to soft drinks and junk food… So it’s only natural that these ‘’healthy meal replacement shakes’’ would create their supplements based on a great tasting products to keep consumers wanting more. Congratulations to the majority of commercial health and fitness market for encouraging the obesity epidemic to live on.


It sounds like I’m anti meal replacement shakes, but the truth is I’m really not, you just need to know what to look for and what to avoid;


·      Added sugars and artificial sweeteners – AVOID

·      Synthetically made vitamins and minerals – AVOID

·      Low nutritional value (protein, fibre, etc) – AVOID

·      Too high in calories (350 – 600) - AVOID

·      Moderate amount of calories (220-300) – CONSUME

·      High amount of natural vitamins and minerals – CONSUME

·      No less than 25g of protein per serving – CONSUME

·      Easy to mix with multiple beverages – CONSUME



If you can manage to find a clean meal replacement shake with nutritional value, they can be quite advantageous to one’s busy lifestyle. I consume a clean meal replacement daily to keep on top of my calories as I’m not fortunate enough to be at arm’s reach of the kitchen 24/7 and need the energy for my busy lifestyle, training schedule and not to mention the ‘’gainz’’. I was lucky to find a shake jam packed with superfood goodness without all the additives and with convenience came a bunch of health benefits and now I am hooked!


✓ Energy

✓ Lean muscle growth

✓ Clear skin

✓ Better sleep

✓ Better Focus


If you feel you are lacking energy, you may not be consuming enough calories or the correct nutritional intake to fuel you throughout the day. It might be worth looking into a meal replacement shake.

React to Fitness

Most people think of a workout as a gruelling battle against dumbbells and gym machines alike, immense amounts of sweat and extremely sore muscles the following day. While that is somewhat true and may be appealing for some, did you know the benefits a workout can have on one’s mind?


1.     Science – something that I’m not actually going to bore you with. In a nutshell, when we exercise our body releases hormones that are linked with mental wellbeing and happiness.
Like most, I have been on the receiving end of bad news, been let down and plunged into the infamous ‘’rut’’. I know that in these scenarios it is easy to react without the help of our good hormones and our reactions can sometimes be worse than the initial problem. My next few points are going to give you an idea of how you can channel these good hormones for the greater powers of smart reactions.

2.     No Time for Science – As important as it is, this is a no brainer and something I have been doing since I was a kid. At a young age I developed a love for my favourite sport in the world, BMX, and can honestly say it has shaped me into the person I am today. How? You ask… let me explain. I grew up in a small town where opportunity was scarce, few leave to do something admirable with their lives, and drugs and alcohol were all the rage. I saw a lot of good people develop bad habits purely based on one reaction to one bad day. After a bad day I would jump on my bike, put my problems aside, put in a solid training session and then come back to solve the problems with a clear mind. I did this religiously without knowing the science behind this pattern.

3.     Comradery – If you have been a member of your gym for a year or more a big part of the reason you are still there is probably because of the comradery. This is your time of the day you can surround yourself with likeminded people all in the one space with the same goals of self-improvement. The power of comradery can make us feel great! Where else would you want to be to lift your spirits if you’re down in the dumps?

4.     Distraction – Ok, don’t judge me too quickly on this one. I’m not saying distract yourself until you forget whatever was upsetting you, but you know when you just find out your sibling just got engaged to their partner that you can’t stand, your favourite work colleague just got that promotion you have been working so hard for and they weren’t even trying or your best friend has just accepted a massive opportunity in a different state? These are times where our initial reaction can cause a major drama. Put on your runners, hit the tracks, come back, take a deep breath and be supportive like the best sibling, colleague or friend should be.

5.     Cash in your bad days and feel good – I would never wish bad times on anyone but as humans it is inevitable. If you take my advice and fight the bad hormones with exercise you are going to also reap the results of a fit rig! And I’m sure if the good hormones don’t make you happy, losing a few extra kilos or stacking on a few extra kilos of muscle will.

Please absorb and apply the above preach as there is so much physical and mental self-improvement within. Not only will you feel better for it, but so will everyone around you.